From "Run for Peace" to art, from philosophy to a world community

MARIAN KRETSCHMER – freelance artist

In early 2014, artist Marian Kretschmer was commissioned by the project “Strom für Afrika” (Power for Africa) and Dr. Kipchoge Keino, at that time President of the National Olympic Committee for Kenya, to design the high school in Eldoret (Kenya).
Afterwards, he started to work as a volunteer for Mavuno, a permaculture and education project in cooperation with Marafiki wa Afrika, cradle to cradle Chemnitz, Spring of help e.V. and Ingenieure ohne Grenzen e.V. (Engineers without borders) in Kagera (Tanzania).


In 2016, Marian Kretschmer headed the artwork, paint work and illustrative design of the “Friedenslauf von Rom”, a fundraising marathon for solidarity and integration, according to the motto “Für Frieden, Demokratie und Toleranz, gegen Fremdenfeindlichkeit” (For peace, democracy and tolerance, and against xenophobia).
Olympic champions and other successful sportspersons from various nations run from Rome, where the Pope sends them off, to Wittenberg, Germany. Among others, Marian painted pictures on the topic of integration of all ethnic groups, religions and cultures and held exhibitions along the track.


“Friends may meet, but mountains never greet.” This Tanzanian proverb applies more than ever, these days. More and more people don’t want their lives to be defined by arbitrary borders and the related wealth and/or poverty. We see a strong increase in backpacking tourism and emigration rates on the one side and flows of refugees towards Europe on the other side.
In consideration of this situation, it has become more important than ever to develop some basic values for a peaceful coexistence at a global level and to put them into practice. At the same time, my work is based upon the following values:


forgiveness – love – humility


Most people probably have an idea of the first two terms while many might have to think about the third one – which I think is the most important one today. What is that, “humility”? Why should I live humbly? I don’t even know how it should work in a society that is capitalist and liberal to the core.


It is the opposite of thinking and acting out of mere self-interest. However, humility does not mean self-abandonment. It is about a mindful, affectionate life – for me and my neighbours. Humility stands for a life that is not about competition. A life in which we give to each other what we have to spare. And in our society of abundance, we really have a lot to spare. Humility also means not living one’s life at the expense of other people. This is the slogan under which Marafiki Wa Afrika e.V., Mavuno NGO, Spring of help e.V. and Strom für Afrika e.V. work together in Germany and Tanzania. They focus on the integration of cultures, enlightenment, removing barriers, a high level of education for everyone and the possibility of leading a healthy life based on healthy food.


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Bleibt auf dem Laufenden und entdeckt viele

weitere Werke von Marian Kretschmer: INSTAGRAM


Der Schwerpunkt meiner Arbeit liegt in der „persona grata“ – dem Konzept der Nächstenliebe, des „Sich Findens“ im anderen, Reflektieren im Gegenüber, welches den Menschen zu einem höheren Wesen werden lassen kann.

*1983, Karl-Marx-Stadt (Chemnitz, Deutschland),
seit 07.07.2007 freischaffender Illustrator und Maler
2011 Gaststudium Hochschule für Grafik & Buchkunst Leipzig
2011 Mitglied im sächsischen Künstlerbund
seit 2012 leben und arbeiten in Baden/Zürich (CH)
seit 2015 wohnhaft in Dresden

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